Review of Little Lamb cloth nappies. 

Little Lamb is a company in Scotland (I think the nappies are made in Turkey) and are one of the best value for money cloth nappies on the market. They have three different materials available; microfibre, cotton and bamboo. They also do organic versions of the cotton. I own nappies in the super soft microfibre and absorbent cotton fabrics.

Little Lamb shaped nappies are a two part nappy. This means you need to purchase a separate outer waterproof wrap. Little Lambs sell wraps but I use the Motherease brand wraps which come very highly recommended to keep in leaks. Little Lamb also makes a pocket nappy but I have read that they only last one child (but they are extremely good value for money compared to other brands).

The two part nappies also come in sizes. Size 1 fits 7-18lbs, size 2 fits 18-35lbs, and size 3 is 35lbs+ which means you do need to buy a second set of nappies when baby gets bigger. However, Little Lamb nappies are thankfully cheaper than most brands but still decent quality. RRP for the cotton nappy is £9 but you can find deals of 5 nappies for £25 online. Each nappy you buy also comes with a fleece liner and a booster in the same fabric.

Little Lamb nappies are pretty bulky even without the wrap on top. I currently only own the size 1 nappies. Emery is a small baby and I feel like these only just fit him. I’m not sure how these would fit on a chunky baby. This also means that clothing doesn’t fit very well over them. 

I have the microfibre fabric for daytime use and cotton for night time. I can leave the cotton nappy on overnight without changing so they are definitely absorbent. I’m just not sure I like that?! The whole nappy soaks up the urine so it feels very wet when you go to change baby. It just feels a bit gross when you have to take the nappy off and I’m sure it makes the wrap smell. I haven’t used any other two part nappies so it’s probably the same across all brands so more likely it’s me not being used to it.

Washing is easy as long as you remember to fold down the velcro tabs so they don’t all get stuck to each other! Microfibre dries quickest, followed by cotton and the bamboo dries the slowest (and it can be incredibly slow if you don’t have the optimal conditions). Microfibre nappies are fine to use during the day but you will need one of the other two fabrics for night time use. Microfibre needs to be changed fairly often as it isn’t as absorbent as cotton or bamboo. All the nappies come with a booster to create an extra absorbing layer.

Overall I think Little Lamb nappies are a good set to start with if your cloth nappy budget is small. Start with the size 2 as the fit is quite small and can be used in the early weeks. You need to buy separate wraps so bear that in mind when setting your budget. These are usually sized too. Luckily you can sell your first set after you purchase the next size up to win back a few pennies. I’d suggest getting fifteen nappies for daytime use and three to five for night time use. Obviously it depends on how often you plan to do a wash.


Review – Nutmeg sensitive wipes.

Brand: Morrisons
Pack size: 64 wipes
Price: 56p (0.9p per wipe / multi buy available)

Apparently the formula for these wipes changed earlier this year and people aren’t liking the new ones but I haven’t used the previous version so I cannot comment on those.

The wipes are a tad on the small side but they aren’t inadequate. Just slightly smaller than I’m used to but there’s nothing to complain about. They are not the wettest wipes I have ever used but I’m satisfied with how they feel. One side is smooth and the opposite side has a sort of bumpy texture, but it isn’t irritating or obvious. I think it’s to help grip poo.

The pack has one of those plastic lids to prevent wipes from drying out. Sadly that sort of packaging is not recyclable. Morrisons own brand toiletries have the Cruelty Free International leaping bunny logo on them to confirm their cruelty free status.

I used these at the tail end of Emery’s nappy rash and it didn’t get any worse so I would agree with the sensitive claim.

It seems weird but I don’t really have anything enthusiastic to say about these wipes, nor do I want to slate them. For the price they are a decent wipe and they do their job.

Have you tried the Morrisons wipes? Are you one of the people who preferred the old formulation? 

Cruelty free You Tube channels.


During the first couple months of breastfeeding I was constantly watching beauty channels on YouTube. They were fun to watch and taught me a thing or too and they weren’t so serious that I couldn’t pause a video for five hours. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of cruelty free channels which is a shame as some of these people are SO influential in the cosmetic industry they could really make a difference. I’ve listed some channels below which are enjoyable and filmed by cruelty free vloggers.

Stephanie Lange – born in Australia and recently moved to Ireland. She is a professional makeup artist and she does some stunning work. Stephanie is particularly handy if you have hooded eyes and want to learn good eyeshadow blending techniques. She’s also vegan and she talks about that sometimes.

Livloveshermakeup – Olivia Sohlen can be hit or miss for people. When I first watched her videos I was like, “Who do you think you are,” but now I absolutely adore her. She is a review based channel and Liv is brutally honest and sassy. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and I totally trust her reviews. When she says something is good, I want to buy it!

Bella Fiori – another gorgeous girl from down under. Bella does a mix of makeup tutorials and reviews and she has a penchant for ‘mysteries’ as well. By that I mean discussing weird disappearances or spooky phenomena. That stuff isn’t my cup of tea so I stick to the beauty videos but it’s nice that she talks about other things that interest her.

Jkissa – she is a breath of fresh air because she has a beauty channel and doesn’t wear foundation! I love that she doesn’t use this ‘crucial’ beauty product as it doesn’t suit her skin and she is not afraid to do so on camera.

Evelina Forsell – is a new channel to me. I think she has only recently become cruelty free as she did a big clear out of non – cruelty free products. She is a Swedish (I’m a nordophile ha) makeup artist with a colourful and edgy style.

What kind of videos do you like to watch on YouTube? Do you have any cruelty free channels to recommend?

7 months.

How is it possible that my little man is now seven months old?! We were late with our weighing (once due to a clinic change and the other because we were urgently car shopping). Emery was 14lbs on the dot at the last weighing, which is low for his age but he seems to be following his curve.

MOBILITY. Last month he was beginning to crawl and he is almost there now. He still sometimes stops for a break but if he wanted to go from one end of the room to the other he could definitely do it. He enjoys crawling around to uncrew radiator valves.

Emery is also able to hold himself upright. He can push himself onto his knees to grab things. If the ledge is low enough he can also push himself onto his hands and almost stand up.

Until his aunt mentioned it, I didn’t realise that he was able to support himself one handed. For example he can be on all fours and then transfer his weight onto one hand so the other hand can grab things.

SLEEP. I have been trying to introduce sleep associations. Yes, I’m a bit late with that but the return to work is looming over me and I will need to be well rested! We have had a sleep routine of bath, massage, dimmed lights, nursing, lullaby and shushing. The tough bit for me has been that Emery has always been nursed to sleep so working hard to break this habit slowly. I recently purchased Ewan the dream sheep (he has a soothing glow and plays bedtime music or white noise for 20 minutes) to act as a sound association. I used a Winnie The Pooh comforter for a while but now I just have a muslin to act as a comforter because they are easy to dump around the house. My friend has also generously lent me a Sleepyhead mattress because Emery has a tantrum when he realises I’ve placed him into his cot and the padded sides make him feel secure and like I am still cradling him. It’s not miracle cure but it appears to be helping slightly.

Emery was an okay sleeper for a breastfed baby but for the past few months his sleep seems to have regressed. He could manage a few hours a night in his cot before waking but it regressed to 45 minutes! These few changes seem to be positive as he usually does 2 hours now before waking for a feed. I also think swaddling helped in the early months but he began rolling over so didn’t want him in his swaddle bag. He was also really good at wriggling out of a blanket swaddle.

My good friend also successfully and surprisingly managed to get Emery to nap from shushing and bouncing one lunchtime. I have done it as well since then but there is also a lot of crying and backache involved. I need to make myself persist and not take the easy way out by nursing him for naps.

WEANING. We started weaning at six months. When my mum and nan made congee (like a savoury rice porridge) Emery gobbled it up but when I made it he hardly had any. I also tried baking and mashing a sweet potato but he didn’t seem keen on that either.

I always envisioned myself as the kind of mother who blended all her own baby foods but perhaps it’s Emery rejecting my first attempts that I turned to buying puree pouches! Ella’s Kitchen is great but pricey after a while. Lidl make some nice organic flavours and Aldi do as well. Even though I protested my husband bought a bunch of Heinz jars but Emery seemed to enjoy them. He even gobbled a full jar one Sunday.

I suppose as long as he is getting all his nutrients and trying new tastes then it can only be good. We’ve done some finger foods too (sticks of apple, pear, carrot, potato) which Emery loves. He is good at picking something up and sticking it in his mouth. Sometimes food falls on the floor before it’s finished. Luckily we have dogs to vacuum up anything that drops off the high chair.

Does anyone have any tips for weaning? Are you doing purees or baby led or a combination like us?

Which baby toiletries are *not* cruelty free?


When you walk into the baby aisle of a supermarket you are faced with a number of big baby brands that pay for their spot on the shelf. You assume they are good reliable products and I’m not saying they don’t work, it’s just a shame that the companies that produce them do not tend to be in the ethical lists. Let’s have a look at the ‘famous’ baby products.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) – Pampers nappies and wipes
P&G produce a bunch of well known household products such as Always, Ariel, Gilette Head & Shoulders, Oral B, and Pantene. Although they have stopped testing on non-food and non-drug products they do sell cosmetics in China and this means they are classed as a non-cruelty free company.

Johnson & JohnsonJohnson’s baby shampoo, powder, wipes etc., Aveeno cream
This American company also owns Acuvue, Clean & Clear, Listerine, and Neutrogena, as well as having fingers in many healthcare pies. They have recently stopped using animals for live testing but seeing as they own many pharmaceutical brands, it’s going to be hard for this company to be cruelty free.

Kimberly-ClarkHuggies nappies and wipes, Pull-Ups, Little Swimmers
Other household brands you may have heard of include Andrex, Kleenex, and Kotex. Although this company is looking at alternative methods of testing, they continue to do animal testing “unless required by law” and therefore cannot be classed as cruelty free.

It almost seems unfair to mention brands such as Vaseline, E45, Oilatum, Snufflebabe or Sudocrem as they are all owned by pharmaceutical companies. Whilst animal testing is still required by law for healthcare products, none of these will come under the cruelty free umbrella.

In conclusion, it is best to go for the supermarket own toiletries (Sainsbury’s, Co-op and M&S toiletries are all Leaping Bunny certified). You could also check out brands such as Child’s Farm, Good Bubble, or Burt’s Bees baby toiletries. Or you can wait until you’ve read my upcoming reviews for those before purchasing!

Do you ever consider which baby products are tested on animals before buying?

Review – Water Wipes.

Brand: Water Wipes
Pack size: 60
Price: £2

These are on the expensive side but they seem to be quite popular as they have been developed specifically for sensitive skin and the fact they are chemical free is a huge draw for parents wanting something natural. The ingredients state the wipe solution is made of 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. Looking at these ingredients, you may as well have reusable wipes but anyway…

The wipes are a tiny bit on the small side but they are perfectly adequate to use. I love how wet these wipes are as they are great for wiping poo. They also seem very gentle on baby’s skin. Water might settle at the bottom of the pack so it is advised that you flip the pack upside down and squeeze the pack to redistribute the water. This may mean you get very wet wipes when you get to the bottom of the pack.

The packaging is has the recyclable sign and I assume this means the packet. There is no lid on these wipes but there is a resealable plastic tab. I’ve found this to be sufficient but I do also store the pack upside down, partly to prevent the wipes drying out and partly to ensure the moisture filters through.

I emailed the company, who are based in Ireland, about their animal testing stance and here is the reply:

“We can reassure you that WaterWipes have not been tested on animals at all, and have no animal by-products in them. … WaterWipes are made in a unique patented process which facilitates the absence of conventional chemical preservatives such as parabens and alcohols. They are completely vegan and cruelty free.”

I used these during Emery’s bout of nappy rash as I was confident they wouldn’t irritate his skin further. I also felt they cleaned his bottom thoroughly.

Overall, although these are dear they are very mild so if your baby has allergies or sensitive skin then these are a great choice. You could go the washable wipes route whilst at home and maybe have a pack of these for outings.

Have you ever tried these? Do you think they are worth the money?

Review of Tickle Tots reusable cloth nappies.


Hands down, Tickle Tots have the CUTEST nappy prints ever. The original design (pictured here) can be used as an all-in-one nappy or a pocket nappy.

The nappy has a PUL waterproof lining with the mega cute print. There are three sets of poppers along the front so you can adjust the size which makes it a birth to potty nappy. There are velcro tabs to fasten the nappy so this adjustment also helps with the fit. A double layered gusset at the top of the legs prevents leaks. At its core are four layers of absorbent bamboo fabric. If this isn’t enough, there is also a pocket to stuff in some boosters for extra absorbency. One pocket nappy retails for £16.99 but you may be able to get a multi buy deal.

In terms of style these nappies are definitely 10/10. Not only are the designs adorable, but the nappy itself is fairly slim for a cloth nappy (unless you require lots of boosters). I can put these on without worrying about the bodysuit not fastening. Even the velcro crossings seem trendier on these than on other nappies.

Most importantly did they contain the wee? Yes and no. When Emery was smaller I would find that urine would leak out even with the double layer leg gusset. However, as he got older and his thighs became chunkier, the gusset fit around his leg more securely. I would advise waiting until baby weighs 10lbs before using these.

Washing these nappies is the same as for any other cloth (don’t forget to wash them once before first use) but I have to say that they dry awfully slowly. I think it is because of the bamboo inner and even if you turn them inside out to dry, they can take a while.

I’m not sure if there is enough absorbency in these to use during the night, even with an added booster. I suppose it would depend on how much your little one wees at night. I haven’t tried using more than one booster in the pocket so there may be the possibility of using them over night. For daytime use I would suggest getting about fifteen nappies assuming you do a nappy wash every other day.

Overall the Tickle Tots are not my ‘go to’ reusable nappy simply due to the drying time. I like that they are a birth to potty nappy which can save you money but will not be suitable for smaller babies straight away. With the booster insert you get pretty good absorbency and leaks are mostly contained. If you only have bamboo nappies in your stash and have enough nappies to use whilst waiting for a load to dry then these would be a cute addition to your collection.

The Tickle Tots 2’s look like an interesting concept. You clip the nappy part into the outer layer and changed as necessary so I’d be interested to try this style out. Has anyone tried them both? What did you think?