100 DAYS

I cannot believe 100 days (aka 3 months off work) has passed since Emery’s birth. I’m not sure how I would have coped without the power of the internet (especially Baby Centre and Netmums ha!). If I worried about breastfeeding I Googled it. If I needed to know if his poo was a healthy colour I Googled it. If I wasn’t sure I was swaddling correctly I Googled it.

It is amazing how much baby information I’ve vacuumed up from the WWW. Not trying to sound cocky but the labour stage never daunted me, it was trying to keep the baby alive, healthy and happy that scared me! The journey of motherhood is obviously different for everyone, but I’ve never been the emotional maternal kind. I am kind of winging it and hoping I am doing the best for my child.

Achievements unlocked by 13 weeks:

  • smiling
  • holding his head up
  • can usually sleep at least four hours in one go overnight
  • traveled to Edinburgh and Anglesey
  • 10lb 6oz at week 12 weigh in (needs fattening up)

Good luck to me and to everyone else embarking on this adventure!


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