My online history.


My online presence began many many years ago. I used to play Petz  (2, 3 & 5) and created many a website dedicated to these virtual pets. After a while I would give it up but every few years I would find myself dipping back into the game and rejoining the online community.

In 2001 I joined LiveJournal as a way to write random thoughts and discuss anime with like minded souls. Communities were nurtured there and I made plenty of online friends. Even to this day I still speak to some of them (and there are many I wish I hadn’t lost contact with).

Around 2008 I started a fashion blog. I was great at posting until I had a huge exam in 2011 and I went on temporary hiatus so I could concentrate on studying. This hiatus eventually became permanent.

I always wanted to jump back into blogging. I’d spent about six months researching DSLR cameras and dropped £549 on one and didn’t even use it for my blog. Sadly, I kept procrastinating and then it was just too late to return. My online persona disappeared into the Internet and blogs became mega fancy, bloggers began earning money, coding became complicated, tags and social media advanced and I didn’t feel like I could keep up. Yet here I am attempting another blog. (Oh, and there was a period around 2010 when I had an Ameba blog and a Simplog – Japanese platforms.) Let’s see how long the blog lasts this time!

In March 2017 I was lucky enough to give birth to a healthy baby boy. Here chronicles our journey through life together and our attempt to live a happy and cruelty free life.


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