5 minute mummy makeup.



If you’ve had a baby you know one of the things you have less time for is yourself! Sometimes you leave the house without caring how messy your hair is and how patchy your skin looks, but there are days when you want to look like a coping mother and a bit of makeup really helps your cause! I use a few serums and emulsions in my skincare routine so all these layers take long enough to dry without having to layer on makeup too. I have two different go to routines which are very quick for me to do and make it appear as if I’ve had a full night’s sleep if I do not have time to sit and put on a full face.

1. BB cream + glowy blush + lipstick

I use Korean BB creams (although there aren’t many cruelty free brands so I need to start looking at others) because I think they are the best (and original). They give my skin good coverage whilst moisturising, hiding blemishes and providing that all important SPF. Currently I use Dr. Jart ‘Dis-A-Pore’ which claims to also shrink the appearance of pores.

A blush with a sheen gives my face colour and gives me a healthy glow. The shimmer helps me appear awake and flushed with happiness. A lipstick ties off the look and pulls it all together. Using a rosy nude for a ‘your lips but better’ look also makes your makeup look natural.

2. Concealer + eyeliner + tinited lip balm

If you don’t want a full face of makeup then using concealer will diminish those dark circles under your eyes and if you listen to YouTube beauty gurus and use a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, your skin will also look highlighted and brighter. Using concealer to hide any blemishes also helps you look like your baby is sleeping through the night.

For me, using eyeliner and putting a flick at the end of my eye instantly makes me look perkier and the flick opens up my eyes. I seem to squint when I am tired so this is a good trick for me. Again, adding some colour to your lips gives the illusion of a carefree life. I love lip balms with a bit of colour because they moisturise your lips whilst giving a splash of pink or red.

Do any other mothers find that their makeup routine has changed since having a baby? Has your routine changed or do you have any tips to share?


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