What you REALLY need to buy for your hospital baby bag.


Everyone is going to have different experiences but I found that I packed and bought some unnecessary items. I ended up using a small suitcase as my hospital bag because I packed everything on the ‘suggested’ lists. Not only do you need to bring all the baby items, you need to bring your own things too!

– 3 x bodysuits (depends how long you will be in hospital)
– 3 x sleepsuits
– small pack of nappies
– pack of baby wipes
– a blanket
– muslin cloths (I personally didn’t use them in hospital)

What isn’t necessary? Gloves or socks!!! Just buy the sleepsuits that come with feet and mitts. Gloves are often too big and fall off anyway. Socks fit better but having them attached to the sleepsuit makes dressing so much easier. All in one suits are available at M&S, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s.

Possibly buy ONE baby hat if it’s going to be cold or your baby may be born early to keep them warm. You will receive lots of hats as presents. Also do you really need a ‘going home’ outfit? If you’re having a big fanfare when you arrive home with lots of family gathering around then maybe but it’s another unnecessary purchase. The outfits you buy are probably going to be cute enough anyway.

– old T-shirt for labour
– loose comfy clothes for after (zips and buttons are good for easy boob access if you’re breastfeeding)
– 1 x nursing bra + 1 x box breast pads
– 1 x maternity pads (and more for use at home)
– old knickers instead of disposable underwear
– slip on shoes for toilet trips
– toiletries and hairbrush for that post-birth shower

I was definitely not in the mood for food during labour. Snacks and drinks are probably more useful for your partner but you will enjoy snacking once the baby has been born. Same for books and magazines. Contractions will probably prevent you from relaxing too much but they are a nice distraction afterwards if baby is sleeping and if you’re not sleeping.

This post is to help you decide what you definitely need to buy. We don’t need more rubbish like disposable knickers accumulating our landfills! Of course we are all different so perhaps you can speak to a family member or friend to see what they brought with them. Sometimes lists produced by companies are to convince you to buy more things from them!


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