Battle of the cruelty free baby wipes.

I have decided that one of the products I am regularly going to review is baby wipes. They are a staple in any parent’s arsenal. Some people even use them for cleaning. Now, the most earth friendly sort of wipe would be a reusable wipe that you soak in a solution, use, then wash and repeat. This process, however, is not for everyone and I’d say most people would find them inconvenient (and I also say you should give them a try!).

The minimum criterion is that the wipes tested in this series are cruelty free (ie no animal testing involved) but some wipes may also be classed as ‘organic’ or ‘biodegradable’. For the purposes of comparing them all, I will buy the ‘sensitive’ version if available. I haven’t completely decided what I will be comparing apart from cost or ‘wetness’ but I’m sure I will figure that out along the way.

In other news Emery turned 5 months old last week. Time has flown by so quickly! I’m starting to panic that he hasn’t got a fixed sleeping routine or even a daytime routine yet. He began rolling over just before he was 4 months old but he does it so quickly and easily now. He doesn’t enjoy being on his back so much anymore. Emery is also much more alert and curious about the world. He will reach his hands out to touch things (and sometimes pop them into his mouth). He has become a serious dribbler and chewer so it looks like teeth are on their way. He no longer falls asleep on the boob and he will stop feeding and ‘go about his day’. I just hope he has put more weight on at the next weigh in.


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