Review of Harry & Rose baby soft lotion

I attended a baby and toddler show last year and as always I was on the lookout for brands I hadn’t heard which may be cruelty free. One of these brands was Harry and Rose.

Harry and Rose is a British based company and was created by parents. Their products only contain good stuff so you won’t find things like parabens, SLS, dyes, or mineral oils hidden inside. Furthermore the products are gentle and can be used on sensitive new born skin.

The chap I spoke to at the show was lovely and was peddling the “organic and natural” idea, but as you may (or may not know) just because a brand claims to use organic/natural ingredients it doesn’t mean that they are cruelty free (looking at you Origins, innisfree). I asked about their animal testing policy but he didn’t seem confident with his answer (he did say they were cruelty free) so I didn’t purchase on the day but took a sample home with me.

Once at home I did some research and also emailed the company and I am pretty satisfied with their response and would say they are a cruelty free brand. They replied extremely quickly and the person I corresponded with was pleasant and also offered to send out a sample. Part of the email is below:

1. Are any of your products tested on animals by yourselves or another company?
No – we do not test our products on animals.

2. Are any of the ingredients tested on animals by yourselves or another company?
No. But we are aware that we need to publish our Fixed Cut Off Date on the site – For more information on FCOD please see link

3. Do you sell any of your products in countries which require animal testing by law?
We do have international distributors. But as far as we are aware, our products have not undergone any animal testing (all products have been sold under an e-commerce platform)

4. Would you or are you considering having the Cruelty Free International ‘leaping bunny’ logo on your products packaging?
Yes – we have looked into this and have considered introducing the ‘leaping bunny’ certificate into the range.”

Feeling confident that they are cruelty free I opened the sample sachet of baby lotion. There was plenty in there and I probably could have made use of it twice.

There was a bit of a scent, not unpleasant but I couldn’t work out what the smell was. My mind was telling me “rose” but that’s merely because of the brand name. Regardless the scent is not overwhelming and dissipates once the lotion is applied to the skin. The lotion was a good consistency and felt moisturising without feel thick or heavy.

Emery had dry skin in the first few months but it is much better now so thankfully we don’t have to rely on lotions to keep his skin soft. Nevertheless it is nice using a lotion to give him a quick message after bath time and before bed. Emery didn’t have any reactions to the lotion and his skin felt lovely in the morning.

After trying this sample I am more than happy to try out other products from Harry & Rose, especially as they are a British brand and we love supporting home grown talent!


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