Hi! I’m Bethany, a first time mother navigating the joys and obstacles of motherhood. Emery was born in March 2017 and we are always experiencing and discovering new things together. Emery and “the rabbit” refers to myself as my Chinese zodiac is a rabbit and also the logo that is featured on cruelty free products. A rabbit or bunny is usually the symbol used to indicate its non-animal testing policy.

This blog is about my attempt to live a cruelty free life with my baby. I began to go cruelty free with cosmetics and household products towards the end of 2016 (so not long) therefore it was only natural I wanted to continue this with my baby.

I do not claim to be an expert on living green or being 100% cruelty free as I am still learning to live and shop this way. Hopefully this blog will help others on their cruelty free journey. I aim to review products for you to help you decide if you would also like to make small changes in your shopping habits and say “NO” to animal testing. All products reviewed have been purchased with my own money and I present you my honest opinions (but willing to accept products for honest reviews – email me to discuss).

Unless mentioned, any photos on this blog are copyright myself so please ask permission before using.