Review of Bambino Miosolo nappies.

Bambino Mio are probably one of the bigger names in the real nappy game. They have two versions of birth to potty nappies; one version is an all-in-one nappy and the other is a nappy plus a wrap. The Miosolo is the all-in-one variation. These retail for £15.99 although you may find discounts if you buy in bulk. I got mine from Aldi baby events and they were around the £9.99 mark. If you want a booster for extra absorption then you must buy these separately. The brand also sells its own nappy detergent and liners.

The Miosolo comes in lots of cute patterns so you are spoilt for choice. The nappy comes with a waterproof outer layer which encases an absorbent core. You are able to put a booster into the nappy if you need extra absorption. There are fold back laundry tabs so they don’t get tangled in the wash. There are three sets of poppers on the front of the nappy so you can adjust the fit for smaller babies. Nappies are held together with Velcro so the fit around the belly is adjustable.

These nappies are very easy to use. I use biodegradable liners and if I have time I pre-line and prepare the nappies so when it comes to changing time I can just put the clean nappy on instead of fiddling around folding the liner.

The fit is fairly slim and I haven’t had any trouble fitting any clothes over the Miosolo. Saying that, I haven’t used any boosters so not sure how much bulkier they could get. As with any all-in-one nappy, you need to wait until baby is around 10lbs because the nappy may be a tad too big. The annoying part is the pull out core which is slightly too long if you make the nappy shorter using the poppers. This means there is a small bulge at either end of the nappy which needs to be tucked in or you may get some leaking at the top.

Washing is easy as you just stick the laundry tabs over and chuck the nappy into your bag or bucket ready for wash day. Drying time is good because you can pull out the inner core and the whole nappy dries fairly quickly.

In conclusion the Miosolo has been my favourite nappy to use so far. They are easy to put on, fit well, and drying time is reasonable. I’d recommend having ten to fifteen nappies assuming you wash every other day. You can sometimes do a bulk buy and get a good deal so they are also pretty good value for money.


8 months.

I keep telling people that Emery is seven and a half months old. Time is flying by so quickly. How can he be 2/3 of a year old already?

MOBILITY. Emery is really adept at pulling himself up now. He has also recently learnt to lower himself slowly back down. We have a walker at my parents’ house so Emery doesn’t get to use it as often as he could. I wonder if that would help him learn to walk faster. He can pull himself up and then slowly move along it.

It’s tough keeping an eye on him as he can crawl pretty quick. I’ll go to wash my hands in the kitchen sink and before I know it he has his hands in the dogs’ water bowl.

LEARNING. We visited London a couple of weeks ago and at some point figured out how to blow raspberries. That was his thing for about a week but luckily he isn’t doing that so much now so I don’t need to keep wiping spit off his face.

This little boy is so curious. He wants to see everything and touch everything and sometimes put it in his mouth too. If you show him something new he will want to grab it. The other day he pulled himself up against the bedside table and wanted to grab onto everything my husband had dumped there. He also loves pulling drawers open, opening cardboard boxes, and generally getting into all sorts of mischief.

I’m sure we are far from talking but Emery likes making sounds like “Da! Da!” and he loves it even more when someone else says it along with him.

Bath time has become better again. There was a period where Emery would cry after I picked him up out of the tub and this did not provide a calm bedtime routine. We missed swimming for three weeks due to a virus but it looks like he remembers what to do when he goes under. He wasn’t as smiley in his latest lesson but perhaps he just needs to get used to it again. I love that he loves being in the water. Hopefully he is a good swimmer. I really enjoyed swimming when I was young.

SLEEPING. Emery still isn’t great at napping. He did have a one hour nap once but all the others have been half an hour or, usually, much less. He still needs to be held or rocked so it does hurt my back if we have to do this for a while. Or more than once.

Night are still tough. Sometimes Emery manages a four hour sleep and that tends to be the first half of the night. I think next month I’ll just have to tough it out and do a gentle crying method as I don’t think I will be able to function at work the way I cope now.

WEANING. I think we have made a little progress as he has gotten better at taking food off a spoon. These past few days I’ve taken adult food (minus the salt etc) and mashed it up for Emery and he seems fairly contented eating it. Some days he eats a lot and others he doesn’t. Which is annoying as when I heat up a lot he doesn’t eat a lot. Isn’t that always the way?

I also cooked up a batch of spinach, cheese and thyme mini muffins which seemed to go down well. There’s a number of other finger food recipes I want to make but time always seems to elude me. Need to try harder!

We’ve also made great progress with bottle feeding. It’s not advised but my mum poked a hole in the teat as she said the flow was too slow and lo and behold she was right! Emery has been drinking lots more from a bottle now although I sometimes have to shove the bottle into his pursed mouth before he decides he does want to drink it. We have even managed 7oz once (it may not seem like a lot for an 8 month old but he’s never really had more than 2 oz each time I tried a bottle).

Emery sprouted two bottom teeth this month. They are so sharp. He bit me on the arm once and boy did it hurt! Need to learn to get into a routine of brushing his teeth. He doesn’t seem to mind it which is good! My vet told me to brush my dog’s teeth and I bought a toothbrush and dog toothpaste for him but sadly I didn’t stick with it. I hope I try harder for my baby! I personally enjoy brushing my teeth so I hope Emery takes after me.

We are going on holiday next month so hopefully he will behave on the flight. Not sure how the sleep thing will go but fingers crossed!

Is it hard going cruelty free?

Some people think it is too much hassle to buy cruelty free products and thus never make the change but it really is worth considering. Yes, initially you feel that there is a lot to research but once you have the basics figured then it gets easier to shop.

My first suggestion is to check out resources such as Cruelty Free International, Logical Harmony and Cruelty Free Kitty. There’s a ton of information about becoming cruelty free, what is involved in testing and what alternatives are available, and lists of ethical brands.

I would also avoid throwing everything out that isn’t classed as cruelty free. You have already paid for those products, the animal has already suffered and that company already has your hard earned cash. It is best to slowly change your stash. For example, if you are running out of washing up detergent, check out what brands are cruelty free and replace your existing one and then move onto the next product.

Some people say they don’t have the time to trawl through information or to check labels on products to see if they’re cruelty free. By slowly changing out the products you’re running out of, it doesn’t seem like such a big hassle. Once you get used to which brands are cruelty free (tip: pretty much all UK own brand supermarket stuff is cruelty free) then shopping does become easier and you won’t find yourself having to do so much research.

You also have to make the decision about where you draw the line. For example, some cruelty free companies are owned by a larger parent company that does test on animals. Sounds contradictory, right? The Body Shop is one such company. They were an independent company until L’Oreal bought them in 2006. L’Oreal are notorious for testing on animals. Thankfully The Body Shop has now been sold to Natura, a Brazilian company with the brand’s original ethics.

So did The Body Shop sell their morals for profit? It was claimed that selling to L’Oreal would help influence the parent company over their animal testing stance. It is for you whether to decide to purchase from a cruelty free company that is owned by a non – cruelty free company. Some say that you are giving money towards animal testing. Others argue that if a parent company notices big increases in sales of the cruelty free brand and not the others then it could push them to eliminate testing.

For me it hasn’t been a tough change. Once I learned about the horrific tests that can happen I immediately vowed to only buy cruelty free products. I am the sort of person who enjoys reading reviews and doing lots of research before purchases so it wasn’t more work for me.

It has been easy to change my cosmetics, toiletries, and cleaning products to cruelty free versions. Once I told my husband about the experiments he also wanted to go cruelty free. Although he has found it harder to switch brands of certain products. When it comes to food shopping I have found it a bit harder to shop. There are some very well known brands (think Danone or Nestle) linked to animal testing companies. In these cases it is best cooking from scratch but I know it can be hard to find time to do so with a baby demanding your attention.

A lot of people also think going cruelty free is expensive. In some cases it can be but a lot of inhouse products are often cheaper than the brand you were buying before. For example you can substitute Coop own washing powder for Ariel and can be safe in the knowledge that you have saved a few pennies and also bought a cruelty free product.

Has anyone found it tough going cruelty free? Is anyone thinking about going cruelty free but not taken the plunge?

Review – Loves baby ultra soft fragrance free wipes.

Brand: Tesco

Pack size: 64

Price: 60p (0.01p per wipe) / also available as multipack

I bought a pack of the sensitive wipes before I started this review series. Actually, I bought a case of twelve since it looked like a good deal. I did not repurchase these for the review and went off memory.

From what I recall the wipes were a decent size and were delicate enough for use on newborn skin. The packs have a plastic lid closure which is great for locking in moisture. This type of packaging however is not recyclable.

The unfortunate thing I remember most about these wipes is that they felt so dry! Halfway down the pack you might start to get wetter wipes but I did not enjoy using these to clean up drier poop. I felt like I needed to use way more wipes than necessary to clean up because they wouldn’t cling to anything. That is the main reason for not re purchasing. I gifted a few of these into a newborn baby pack before having used them and I felt the need to apologise to the mother as I didn’t realise they were so useless.

Tesco do not have the Cruelty Free International “leaping bunny” logo on their packaging but they do have a rabbit figure next to a statement that reads, “This product is not on animals. We fund research into alternatives.” This is also the case for all their toiletries and household products.

Although Tesco have done a great job with all their cruelty free products I’m afraid I cannot recommend these wipes. They are very well priced but I think you get better quality wipes from other supermarket own brands. Do check out their shower gels, toothpastes, detergents, and cleaning products though!

Have you tried Tesco baby wipes? Did you fare better than me?

Cruelty free salon products.

Getting your hair done during maternity can be a real treat. It’s secretly enjoyable alone time where you can get pampered and come out looking a bit less dishevelled than you normally do. My favourite part of getting my hair done is when they give you a bit of a scalp massage when they wash your hair. Bliss! There are salons now that stock cruelty free products as the market now demands these. I contacted a few of these companies to confirm their cruelty free status.

Aveda has dedicated hair salons and their products may be on the pricier end but they are full of natural goodness. As well as haircare, Aveda also have a range of skincare and makeup. They are PETA certified and here is the reponse when I contacted them:

Aveda is a cruelty-free brand. We do not test on animals and never ask others to do so on our behalf. Our products are “people-tested.” Being a cruelty-free brand is an important part of our mission to care for the world we live in and for those we live with, and has been since our founding in 1978. We strive to set an example for leadership and responsibility of caring, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.  Our commitment to caring for animals and wildlife reaches far and wide. In fact, we live and breathe it.”

Sexy Hair are a US brand. I can’t seem to be able to contact this company but there are a lot of cruelty free questions answered on the FAQ. They do not appear to test any ingredients or finished products on animals (by themselves or a third party), nor do they have any intention to sell in China.

“Animal testing is forbidden in the European Union and claiming to do “no animal testing” only reiterates it is abiding by the law and appears redundant. Because our products are sold internationally, we distribute our packaging without the claim. Rest assured though, Sexy Hair does not test on animals.”

Kevin Murphy are an Australian brand who use PETA’s cruelty free logo. As with all salon products they smell divine. I have tried contacting them twice but sadly received no response. Seeing as they are on PETA’s list I will assume they are cruelty free but will monitor this.

EVO are an Australian company which boast a huge range of haircare. I love their simple packaging and their products are formulated with parabens, sulfates, propylene gycol, and all that kind of stuff. Here’s part of their response to me:

“We are PETA certified ‘Beauty without bunnies program’. Unfortunately, we cannot use this logo or any other programs’ logo on our packaging due to strict regulations in Europe which affected evo’s distribution. But rest assured that evo are certified by the EU Commission Regulatory Body whose laws states that ‘no product of ingredients that go into the product can be tested on animals’.”

Layrite are a mens product sold at stylish barbers. Although they claim to be against animal testing on their packaging I don’t think it goes further than their finished product. They cannot confirm if the ingredients are cruelty free and they appear to allow testing when required by law. Avoid Layrite!

Layrite does not test any of our products on animals. We have not verified whether the pre-made ingredients from our manufacturer are tested on animals. We sell our products to almost every country, and we cannot control their laws in regard to animal testing, or how our products are used after they are purchased. At this time, we have not undergone the process to having our products branded with the Cruelty Free logo, nor do I believe we are planning on doing so, however, that could possibly change in the future.”

Batiste. Bonus mention because it’s a great product to use in between hair wash days for some freshness and volume. Although there is a ‘cruelty free’ claim on their spray cans it seems their parent company Church + Dwight DO test on animals where required by law therefore avoid Batiste!

“Church & Dwight Co., Inc. is fully committed to ensuring and protecting animal welfare. We use only materials already known to be safe. It is our policy not to test on animals, and we also request that suppliers not test any materials or products on animals, unless required by law or regulation.”

Need to find a dry shampoo alternative. Does anyone know of any that are similarly priced and work well?

Review of Little Lamb cloth nappies. 

Little Lamb is a company in Scotland (I think the nappies are made in Turkey) and are one of the best value for money cloth nappies on the market. They have three different materials available; microfibre, cotton and bamboo. They also do organic versions of the cotton. I own nappies in the super soft microfibre and absorbent cotton fabrics.

Little Lamb shaped nappies are a two part nappy. This means you need to purchase a separate outer waterproof wrap. Little Lambs sell wraps but I use the Motherease brand wraps which come very highly recommended to keep in leaks. Little Lamb also makes a pocket nappy but I have read that they only last one child (but they are extremely good value for money compared to other brands).

The two part nappies also come in sizes. Size 1 fits 7-18lbs, size 2 fits 18-35lbs, and size 3 is 35lbs+ which means you do need to buy a second set of nappies when baby gets bigger. However, Little Lamb nappies are thankfully cheaper than most brands but still decent quality. RRP for the cotton nappy is £9 but you can find deals of 5 nappies for £25 online. Each nappy you buy also comes with a fleece liner and a booster in the same fabric.

Little Lamb nappies are pretty bulky even without the wrap on top. I currently only own the size 1 nappies. Emery is a small baby and I feel like these only just fit him. I’m not sure how these would fit on a chunky baby. This also means that clothing doesn’t fit very well over them. 

I have the microfibre fabric for daytime use and cotton for night time. I can leave the cotton nappy on overnight without changing so they are definitely absorbent. I’m just not sure I like that?! The whole nappy soaks up the urine so it feels very wet when you go to change baby. It just feels a bit gross when you have to take the nappy off and I’m sure it makes the wrap smell. I haven’t used any other two part nappies so it’s probably the same across all brands so more likely it’s me not being used to it.

Washing is easy as long as you remember to fold down the velcro tabs so they don’t all get stuck to each other! Microfibre dries quickest, followed by cotton and the bamboo dries the slowest (and it can be incredibly slow if you don’t have the optimal conditions). Microfibre nappies are fine to use during the day but you will need one of the other two fabrics for night time use. Microfibre needs to be changed fairly often as it isn’t as absorbent as cotton or bamboo. All the nappies come with a booster to create an extra absorbing layer.

Overall I think Little Lamb nappies are a good set to start with if your cloth nappy budget is small. Start with the size 2 as the fit is quite small and can be used in the early weeks. You need to buy separate wraps so bear that in mind when setting your budget. These are usually sized too. Luckily you can sell your first set after you purchase the next size up to win back a few pennies. I’d suggest getting fifteen nappies for daytime use and three to five for night time use. Obviously it depends on how often you plan to do a wash.

Review – Nutmeg sensitive wipes.

Brand: Morrisons
Pack size: 64 wipes
Price: 56p (0.9p per wipe / multi buy available)

Apparently the formula for these wipes changed earlier this year and people aren’t liking the new ones but I haven’t used the previous version so I cannot comment on those.

The wipes are a tad on the small side but they aren’t inadequate. Just slightly smaller than I’m used to but there’s nothing to complain about. They are not the wettest wipes I have ever used but I’m satisfied with how they feel. One side is smooth and the opposite side has a sort of bumpy texture, but it isn’t irritating or obvious. I think it’s to help grip poo.

The pack has one of those plastic lids to prevent wipes from drying out. Sadly that sort of packaging is not recyclable. Morrisons own brand toiletries have the Cruelty Free International leaping bunny logo on them to confirm their cruelty free status.

I used these at the tail end of Emery’s nappy rash and it didn’t get any worse so I would agree with the sensitive claim.

It seems weird but I don’t really have anything enthusiastic to say about these wipes, nor do I want to slate them. For the price they are a decent wipe and they do their job.

Have you tried the Morrisons wipes? Are you one of the people who preferred the old formulation?