Review – Mamia sensitive baby wipes.


I thought it best to start the review series with the wipes that practically every parent I know has used, so people can have this as the ‘baseline’ and compare.

Brand: Aldi
Pack size: 64 wipes
Price: 55p (0.86p per wipe) / also available in multipack

The size of the wipes are perfect. Not too big and not too small. The amount of ‘wetness’ is also great for handling baby poops that may have gone unnoticed and stayed stuck to a bottom longer than it should. The packs each have a plastic ‘lid’ which prevents the wipes from drying out. The wipes are fragrance free and are formulated with aloe and chamomile to give a cooling and soothing sensation to the skin. Overall I’ve had no problems with these wipes causing a sore bum or any other irritation. I even used them during a bout of nappy rash and the wipes didn’t make it worse so that was a relief.

The wipes are not biodegradable nor is the packaging recyclable. However, the wipes material is sustainably sourced. Thankfully, Aldi are generally an eco company and their toiletries are cruelty free (Aldi household goods received the leaping bunny logo earlier this year). I contacted their customer service to confirm this and this was the reply:

“Aldi is committed to animal welfare. Our policy is that all of our own-label cosmetics or toiletry products, or their ingredients, are not tested on animals. It is our policy never to commission animal testing or to knowingly allow it to be undertaken on our behalf.
We are proud to have been awarded the Leaping Bunny certification on cleaning products by international animal welfare organisation Cruelty Free International.”

They currently do not use the Leaping Bunny logo on their toiletries but there may be future certification.

Overall these wipes are great because they are so well priced and they are of good quality. You can find an Aldi almost anywhere now so they are not hard to attain. It’s just a shame none of it is recyclable.


Aldi haul.

I guess eight items isn’t much of a haul (spent well over £100 in the previous baby event) but it’s still an extra bag full of shopping here. Thought I would share my finds anyway! Normally I’d pick up a couple of cloth nappies and some teething chews or pram toys but they didn’t have any this time around. Conveniently they did have some weaning items so they will be useful for next month!

Books – they always have some cute books in the baby event. Wish I’d got the animal one to complete the set. They are hard books with cute rhymes and cut out shapes for baby to feel. Nice and colourful pictures.

Bath toys – these are not age appropriate but there’s always time! May as well start collecting tub junk now.

Sippy cup – not even sure what I’ll put in here but it will be good to teach baby how to drink when the time comes.

Weaning bowls – they both have a suction base which means baby can’t thrown them on the floor. One of them also has a warming base to prevent food from going too cool if baby is taking a while to feed.

Wipes – of course I got the bargain box of baby wipes for use when out and about. They actually come in a box of twelve and each pack contains 64 wipes.

Is anyone else planning to get some baby stuff from the event? It started Thursday 17th August and some of the stuff was already sold out online before the instore release date.