Review of Close Pop-in reusable nappy.

You may have heard of Close as they make baby carriers as well as cloth nappies. In fact we used the Close Caboo carrier with Emery for eight months until he got a bit too heavy for my poor shoulders. Emery enjoyed being close and snug in that sling but that’s a review for another day!

The Pop-in nappy is on its second version “gen V2” and comes with super absorbent bamboo or quick drying minkee fabric, so you trade longer wear for slower drying times. The prints on the Close nappies may not appeal to all. I don’t want to say “abstract” or “macabre” as those words are too extreme but I quite like the darker prints they do.

The Pop-in is an “all in two” style of nappy so the nappy insert and booster are clipped in. The poppers are cleverly colour coordinated so you won’t put them on back to front.

The nappy is secured at the waist using Velcro tabs so the fit can be adjusted perfectly to suit all babies. Initially I didn’t think there were any fold back tabs for the Velcro to prevent the nappy sticking to things in the washing machine but on the second wear I noticed the tabs are supposed to be tucked into the nappy which is a nice touch.

Pop-in is a birth to potty nappy and the front of the nappy has rows of poppers to alter the length of the nappy as baby grows. Close also do a newborn size nappy for smaller babies.

When I first received the Pop-in nappy I didn’t think it would fit Emery as it looks quite small compared to all the other nappies I have tried but it was surprisingly roomy when I came to put it on him. This also means it is a slimmer looking nappy therefore you probably will not struggle to get clothes to fit over the nappy. In fact, after using the Pop-in I felt like other brands were too baggy. I also liked being able to tuck the liner into the flap but that is not a reason to buy the Pop-in.

Drying time on these bad boys is reasonable. You can detach the insert and booster to create a bigger drying area. The boosters are not too thick so they dry fairly quickly but they soak up adequate amounts of urine.

The Pop-in retails for £18.95 but you may be able to find deals online. You can also buy them in a starter pack which will save you some money. I do find that “all in twos” seem to cost more but I think the Pop-in may be my favourite cloth nappy so far!

Have you ever tried the Close Pop-in nappy? Do you prefer the bamboo or the minkee? What are your thoughts on their prints?


Is it worth ordering Colourpop to the UK? Review of Colourpop You Had Me At Hello and Lippiestix.

If you’re a beauty junkie then you may have heard of LA based brand Colourpop. I’ve read a lot of good things in terms of quality for the price point so thought I would check them out, especially since they are cruelty free. I very rarely order internationally but on Cyber Monday I took a chance since I’ve been eyeing up their “you had me at hello” palette since its tease and release.

My order was placed on 27th November and shipped on 2nd December. Due to Black Friday deals I guessed dispatch time might be a bit longer than usual so I didn’t mind. On 12th December I got a card through the post saying I had to pay a £13 fee, £5 was customs duty and £8 was a Royal Mail handling fee. (Sidenote: I don’t get why I get charged a handling fee, isn’t the whole point of Royal Mail, Parcelforce etc to handle post?!) All in all it took 16 days from ordering to delivery.

My order was around $30 and international shipping was a flat rate of $9.99 (it can be free over $50 but I didn’t want to spend that much on a brand I’d never tried). So in total that’s nearly £45 I spent on one eyeshadow palette and three lipsticks and a lip primer. To be honest I would say it’s NOT WORTH IT. If shipping was free and there was no customs to pay then it would be okay. Even when they have 20% off it’s not really worth it, I would rather just buy Makeup Revolution or Elf. For £45 you could buy Anastasia Beverly Hills‘ fan favourite Modern Renaissance palette and have some change leftover.

In terms of the eyeshadow palette I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the packaging. I thought it would be cheap cardboard but it feels sturdier than that. I was actually slightly disappointed when I heard the palette came with a mirror (Colourpop palettes do not normally have a mirror included) since I was planning to de-pot the pans into a magnetic palette. However the packaging is actually pretty solid and doesn’t feel too cheap so I will keep it all intact. I love the designs Colourpop comes up with. The cover is so cute. Colourpop released so many palettes in the last quarter of 2017 but “You Had Me At Hello” really drew me in with its mix of neutrals and mauves and pinks.

Finger swatches of Colourpop YOU had Me at Hello

The mattes in the palette are very pigmented. There is some fall out but that does not bother me too much. The shimmers look beautiful on application but I have oily eyelids so they do not last all day on me whereas the mattes last a bit longer. Overall I’m fairly pleased with the palette and the colours are not too bold so I can wear them at work.

I’m probably in the minority but I enjoy using lipsticks that are shaped like pens or pencils. I think I can apply it haphazardly without it going completely wrong. The three colours I ordered are Bossy (matte), Aquarius (creme), and Bound (satin). I know matte has been super trendy but my lips are dry no matter how much I exfoliate or use lip oils so I prefer a wetter finish.

Bossy is described as a “classic red” and looks great on the lips. It does transfer but also managed to stay on all day through two meals without leaving lips looking patchy. The matte formula did not feel drying and this was a pleasant surprise. My baby did poke me in the mouth and I ended up with red on my cheek but that’s the fun of having a 9 month old.

Button is a “satin peachy pink” which looked quite pink on me. This one transferred as well but again and is the patchiest of the three. This one is my least favourite.

Aquarius is the final Lippiestix I got and is a “soft pinky nude”. I was surprised at how much I adore this colour! For me it’s definitely a “my lips but better” shade and the crème finish is perfect. There is less transfer with this colour and doesn’t become patchy when it fades. Would definitely repurchase if I didn’t have to pay shipping or customs.

All in all I am happy with my order and I am surprised I prefer the Lippiestix over the eyeshadow palette. After customs it definitely wasn’t worth ordering internationally so I’d suggest getting something from Zoeva, Sleek, Elf, or MakeUp Revolution as mentioned earlier (good prices, good formulations and cruelty free) as they are readily available in the UK. Also check out Burt’s Bees for nice natural lip products.

Have you ever ordered something for international shipping? Did you think it was worth it? What was your experience?

Review of Good Bubble cloudberry bubble bath.

I am very excited today to share with you a Leaping Bunny certified baby brand! Please can I introduce Good Bubble! Found these guys when I attended the baby and toddler show last year and I just love the ethos of the brand. And so did Deborah Meadon from Dragons Den!

Not only are they committed to formulating gentle products for babies without ingredients such as sulfates or parabens, they also manufacture within the UK and are committed to reducing their carbon footprint by using recyclable packaging and responsibly sourcing ingredients. Their products have the seal of approval, not only from Cruelty Free International, but also the Vegan Society. I also love how it is a family business.

Good Bubble do a nice range of bubble baths, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, coconut oil, and wash mits. The two “favours” they have are dragonfruit and cloudberry. How exotic! I can tell you they both smell DIVINE. The coconut oil also smells very fruity and delicious and would be great for people suffering with dry skin.

Prices start at £3.69 which is great for a product which is practically classed as totally organic.

The item I bought to try out is the cloudberry bubble bath and it definitely puts lots of bubbles in the bath tub. The scent might be too sweet for some people but I really like it and Emery didn’t mind it either. Packaging is cute and attractive to little people. The bottle is kind of chubby and bulky but that lends to its appeal.

There isn’t really much I can say about a bubble bath! It was gentle and didn’t cause any redness or any sort if irritation. A little goes a long way so a 400ml bottle should last you a while.

I wish I had also picked up something with the dragonfruit in it. I love that I can add another cruelty free brand to my baby list. The only downfall is that the brand is not stocked (yet) in major stores but you can easily get Good Bubble online.

Have you ever tried Good Bubble? Do bath products with scents draw you in or put you off?

Review of Harry & Rose baby soft lotion

I attended a baby and toddler show last year and as always I was on the lookout for brands I hadn’t heard which may be cruelty free. One of these brands was Harry and Rose.

Harry and Rose is a British based company and was created by parents. Their products only contain good stuff so you won’t find things like parabens, SLS, dyes, or mineral oils hidden inside. Furthermore the products are gentle and can be used on sensitive new born skin.

The chap I spoke to at the show was lovely and was peddling the “organic and natural” idea, but as you may (or may not know) just because a brand claims to use organic/natural ingredients it doesn’t mean that they are cruelty free (looking at you Origins, innisfree). I asked about their animal testing policy but he didn’t seem confident with his answer (he did say they were cruelty free) so I didn’t purchase on the day but took a sample home with me.

Once at home I did some research and also emailed the company and I am pretty satisfied with their response and would say they are a cruelty free brand. They replied extremely quickly and the person I corresponded with was pleasant and also offered to send out a sample. Part of the email is below:

1. Are any of your products tested on animals by yourselves or another company?
No – we do not test our products on animals.

2. Are any of the ingredients tested on animals by yourselves or another company?
No. But we are aware that we need to publish our Fixed Cut Off Date on the site – For more information on FCOD please see link

3. Do you sell any of your products in countries which require animal testing by law?
We do have international distributors. But as far as we are aware, our products have not undergone any animal testing (all products have been sold under an e-commerce platform)

4. Would you or are you considering having the Cruelty Free International ‘leaping bunny’ logo on your products packaging?
Yes – we have looked into this and have considered introducing the ‘leaping bunny’ certificate into the range.”

Feeling confident that they are cruelty free I opened the sample sachet of baby lotion. There was plenty in there and I probably could have made use of it twice.

There was a bit of a scent, not unpleasant but I couldn’t work out what the smell was. My mind was telling me “rose” but that’s merely because of the brand name. Regardless the scent is not overwhelming and dissipates once the lotion is applied to the skin. The lotion was a good consistency and felt moisturising without feel thick or heavy.

Emery had dry skin in the first few months but it is much better now so thankfully we don’t have to rely on lotions to keep his skin soft. Nevertheless it is nice using a lotion to give him a quick message after bath time and before bed. Emery didn’t have any reactions to the lotion and his skin felt lovely in the morning.

After trying this sample I am more than happy to try out other products from Harry & Rose, especially as they are a British brand and we love supporting home grown talent!

Review – Little Ones fragrance free baby wipes

Brand: Sainsbury’s Little Ones

Pack size: 64 wipes

Price: 60p per pack (0.01p per wipe) / multipack offers available

You may have previously read my other review of the fragranced version of the Sainsbury’s own brand wipes. In it I discussed how my baby had a bout of nappy rash when I tested them (could have just been a coincidence) and the store kindly swapped that half used pack of wipes for the fragrance free sensitive version.

Like the fragranced version these wipes are a good size and have a good amount of moisture in them. They also have that foamy texture that I’m not keen on but may not bother other people.

Packaging wise, each packet has the plastic lid to seal in moisture and to prevent the wipes from drying out. The wipes nor the packaging can be recycled. These wipes have the ‘Leaping Bunny’ logo on the back to state they are cruelty free.

Unfortunately, when we started using these wipes Emery began to have a bit of redness on his bottom, even though the wipes are marketed as sensitive and fragrance free. I didn’t want to let it get as bad as last time in case it was wipes causing irritation so I stopped using them.

It’s a shame that these wipes didn’t work well for Emery because they are a good price point and are a certified cruelty free product which are easy to get hold of (who doesn’t have a Sainsbury’s in their town?). I would suggest trying these for your baby and if they do not suit him or her then take them back to customer services. Sainsbury’s have a brilliant refund policy for their own brand goods.

Have you tried these wipes from Sainsbury’s? Did they work for you?

Review of Splash About Happy Nappy.

Most baby swim schools will require your child to wear a Happy Nappy. It is a special containment swim pant by the company Splash About. You still need to put a disposable swim nappy underneath. Splash About also do a reusable nappy and swim liners.

Swim schools often have a stash of these nappies and will help you choose the best size for your baby at their first lesson. Don’t be surprised if they are tight and difficult to pull on. They are designed to fit snugly. Note that the Happy Nappy does not contain urine, it is used to secure poo leakage because it is not hygienic to have any brown things floating around the pool. These incidents always end in pool closure and no swim school wants to lose money from cancelled classes.

I bought the Splash About inner layer as I liked that it was reusable. I found this to be of poor quality. The Velcro just doesn’t hold together very well and after washing the tabs are no longer aligned and curl over and look like they jab into baby. Although his skin was red from the Velcro awkwardly pushing into his belly, Emery never complained so perhaps it looks worse than it feels. Luckily we haven’t yet had to deal with a code brown situation so cannot comment on how it holds up in those situations. You can also purchase a liner to go inside the wrap but I read reviews saying the liners were like a dried out baby wipe so I did not buy those.

The outer Happy Nappy seems to be of good quality. The main part is made of neoprene which feels comfortable enough. Then there is stretchy fabric along the waist and at the leg openings. These are the tight areas that contain any accidents so make sure your nappy layer is underneath the waist band. The Happy Nappy comes in a variety of colours and prints and you may find the cuter styles to be more expensive but keep in mind that your baby will eventually grow out of it and you’ll need to get the next size up.

Our first Happy Nappy had a navy blue body and red and white stripes on the bands. Very nautical. I have no complaints apart from the colour fading after washing. The fit stayed the same and although it does dry fairly quickly, I have used this when a little damp and Baby had no complaints.

You probably have no choice about buying a Happy Nappy if you are planning to take your baby to swimming lessons but feel confident that they will do a good job and are not a waste of money. I’d skip on the inner layer and the liners though.

[[ since writing this review a new version of the Happy Nappy has been released which is supposed to contain the inner nappy better if you are using disposable swim nappies. We will purchase one next term and review it in the new year ]]

Are you planning to take your baby to a swim school? Have you tried any other swim nappies?

Review – Child’s Farm fragrance free biodegradable baby wipes.

You may have heard of Child’s Farm from social media. Earlier this year there was a Facebook post about a baby who had tried many prescription eczema creams to no avail but the mother tried moisturiser from Child’s Farm and the baby’s skin improved drastically.

Brand: Child’s Farm

Price: £2.50

Pack size: 64 (0.04p per wipe)

These wipes are a bit smaller than the ubiquitous Mamia wipes but they are adequately wet so you don’t need to use a lot when tackling a “code brown situation”.

The opening is a resealable plastic sticker which did not loosen at all during my testing period.

Although the packet states “fragrance free” (they also have a grapefruit scented version in an orange packet) the wipes did have a scent to me but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. In the end I decided I didn’t like the scent but others may find it pleasant. It wasn’t overpowering but I was aware of it. It didn’t seem to have any effect on the skin and no redness or sensitivity occurred.

The wipes themselves are biodegradable so you can feel good knowing that at some point they will disappear from the landfill. The packaging however is not and it is not recyclable either.

Overall these are great quality wipes but they do come with a premium price tag. However you can feel good knowing that the wipes are biodegradable. The only gripe I had was the scent. I may try the grapefruit ones and hope I can cope with those. I would definitely suggest trying these out because everyone reacts differently to scents.