Review – Little Ones fragrance free baby wipes

Brand: Sainsbury’s Little Ones

Pack size: 64 wipes

Price: 60p per pack (0.01p per wipe) / multipack offers available

You may have previously read my other review of the fragranced version of the Sainsbury’s own brand wipes. In it I discussed how my baby had a bout of nappy rash when I tested them (could have just been a coincidence) and the store kindly swapped that half used pack of wipes for the fragrance free sensitive version.

Like the fragranced version these wipes are a good size and have a good amount of moisture in them. They also have that foamy texture that I’m not keen on but may not bother other people.

Packaging wise, each packet has the plastic lid to seal in moisture and to prevent the wipes from drying out. The wipes nor the packaging can be recycled. These wipes have the ‘Leaping Bunny’ logo on the back to state they are cruelty free.

Unfortunately, when we started using these wipes Emery began to have a bit of redness on his bottom, even though the wipes are marketed as sensitive and fragrance free. I didn’t want to let it get as bad as last time in case it was wipes causing irritation so I stopped using them.

It’s a shame that these wipes didn’t work well for Emery because they are a good price point and are a certified cruelty free product which are easy to get hold of (who doesn’t have a Sainsbury’s in their town?). I would suggest trying these for your baby and if they do not suit him or her then take them back to customer services. Sainsbury’s have a brilliant refund policy for their own brand goods.

Have you tried these wipes from Sainsbury’s? Did they work for you?


Review – Little Ones fragranced wipes.

When I popped down to Sainsbury’s, they only had the fragrance version so that’s what I had to pick up. Note, they also have “botty wipes” and I’ll go into this further below.

Brand: Sainsbury’s

Pack size: 64 wipes

Price: 60p (0.94p per wipe) / also available in multipack

I think this is the only pack of scented wipes I have ever bought. The smell is clean and pleasant but can imagine it would irritate some people. The size of the wipe is just right and the amount of wetness is perfect. There is a funny thick texture to them, which might be due to the perfume. Kind of foamy but nothing comes out of the wipe. If you have ever used a toilet wipe or antibacterial cleaning wipe then it is the same foamy wet texture but without the foam physically coming out. That probably doesn’t make sense to you… the texture isn’t bad, it just surprised me as I’ve not used any wipes that feel like this.

These particular wipes have the plastic lid closure which is great for keeping the wipes moist. Note that not all of the Sainsbury’s own brand wipes have this. None of the packaging is recyclable. All Sainsbury’s toiletries bear the cruelty free Leaping Bunny logo. Interestingly the “botty wipes” and the “hand and face wipes” do not have the logo. I emailed Sainsbury’s to inquire about this and the response was they weren’t sure why but would forward the query onto the packaging team.

It might be a coincidence but Emery had a bout of nappy rash when I was testing these out. It didn’t come out straight away, perhaps after a few days of using these and it may have just been a coincidence. The packet does state the wipes are suitable for newborns so they should be a gentle formula. I’m sure it’s not the worst case of nappy rash ever recorded but I decided to stop using these wipes and his bum healed up after a few days. The packet also says they are gentle enough to use on the face. 

Due to this nappy rash incident I don’t think I would recommend these wipes, which is a shame as I love that Sainsbury’s own toiletries are cruelty free (they are looking at getting the household goods certified with the Leaping Bunny also). I ended up going back into Sainsbury’s and swapping the pack for the fragrance free version even though I’d used half the pack so got to give it to them for good customer service. I shall try the new pack and review them. I’ve been perfectly satisfied with other Sainsbury’s toiletries such as the shower gel and hand soap. They also have cruelty free baby washes and lotions.

Have you ever used the Sainsbury’s baby wipes? Are you someone that refers fragrances wipes?