9 months.

Gosh how time flies! Emery turned 9 months last week and I haven’t written a post. I don’t seem to have time for anything now even though Emery naps better on his own and also he can play by himself and yet I have less time to do things. I don’t even binge watch TV shows! How am I going to keep this blog going when I go back to work after Christmas (cry!).

I wish WordPress could read the thoughts in my head. I’ve written countless of posts in my head but I just can’t seem to find any time to type them out. I truly respect mamas who make blogging their career. I can’t even keep up with Instagram comments let alone the Instagram stories.

TRAVEL. So the biggest thing that’s happened in the past month is that we have flown to Hong Kong and from there onto the Phillipines. We took a direct flight from here to HKG which was about 11 hours during the day. That was tough because Emery found it difficult to nap in the bassinet and he nursed a lot (not sure if I had enough milk for him). This meant I only had 2 hours sleep on the plane and we landed around 6am local time so we had the whole day ahead of us and it was tough!

Emery also suffered from jet lag for a few days. He would wake up at 2am. Initially I could rock him back to sleep but he didn’t like being placed into his second cousin’s cot (she has the Stokke) and eventually would be super awake until 5am. This meant our activities didn’t really take off much to the chagrin of my husband.

The temperature was around 25° and fairly humid so Emery was usually in just a babygrow. The locals were horrified and thought he was really cold and would often touch his feet. I think he was okay since he is used to the British climate and a lot of the time he was in a baby carrier so tucked very closely to my husband’s chest (husband enjoyed carrying him and bonding since it’s usually me that has Emery in a sling).

It was even warmer in the Phillipines but the locals there understand that it is super warm. The resort we stayed at had two pool areas and they were so clean and so warm. Emery enjoyed swimming and he did some underwater dunks which impressed other guests. Other children wore head to toe UVA protection suits whilst Emery only had his swimming trunks on so perhaps we looked like bad parents compared to the Japanese and Korean guests that were also at the hotel.

Emery seemed to be okay with the Hong Kong water (brought some UK water to mix) but perhaps the addition of Phillipino water might have been a bit too much as his poos gradually became looser. He was still drinking milk and playful so I wasn’t too worried. Annoyingly he didn’t want any of the food we bought in Hong Kong (which looked like it was important from Spain and France) but he had eggs and yoghurt at breakfast time and he loved the breadsticks (and probably salty) crackers.

Emery did really well on the flights. On the first take off I let him nurse as that’s what all the articles suggest when you Google “flying with a baby” but on the descent Emery was very fidgety and ended up just holding him in my lap and he was fine. The air stewards were super impressed and he even got a photo in the flight deck. I filmed some footage on the plane so I might make a video about our experience and upload it to YouTube. I have all the intentions of doing so but when will I have the time to edit such things?!

MOBILITY. Emery is confidently crawling and can easily pull himself up and drop himself down. He can slowly walk along the edge of something like a sofa but no progress in walking. Perhaps I should help him stand on his own first.

Emery was weighed earlier in the week and is 15lb 12oz which is small but on track for his percentile. He is also 64cm long. I forget how big his head is!

FOOD. Haven’t had much progress with weaning as the holiday seems to have halted us. The pre made purees we bought in Hong Kong stated 8 months but it was very smooth. Emery has had finger foods though so his grip is getting better but not quite got the pincer grip.

Still only have two bottom teeth but they are sharp. Had a small blip in brushing them on holiday as we had the toothbrush but no toothpaste.

SPEECH. No real words yet but he says “da da da” a lot. I’m trying to teach him “mama” instead hehe.

I am also trying to associate parts of the day with words like “time to sleep” and “it’s yummy” when we eat. The other day I was at my parents for dinner and my brother was saying goodbye and we are all sure Emery waved back. We all cheered and my mum quipped that he didn’t know why we were so happy.

Today at swimming the teacher took each baby and waved everyone goodbye. I am certain Emery started waving halfway through so that is something we will work on. He seems to understand “bye bye” more than “hello”.

ILLNESS. On the last day of our holiday we had a little panic. In the night I heard Emery coughing a little and he had a very stuffy nose. During the day he didn’t want much food or fluids and at one point I mentioned that Emery looked pale and then my husband went into panic mode and decided that Emery was clammy, feverish, and listless.

My cousin came to the rescue and booked us in with her daughter’s paediatrician. It cost over £100 for the consultation and meds (almost all can be bought at a UK pharmacy) and annoyingly but thankfully Emery perked up in the waiting room. We got the all clear to fly that night. He slept about six hours on a twelve hour overnight flight but could have been worse.

SLEEP. Don’t think Emery is sleeping any longer through the night. We’ve started doing gentle crying since coming home from holiday (after adjusting back to the time zone). I did want to do it before we went away but if it failed then I would have given in abroad so would have been confusing for him.

The first night Emery took 45 minutes to go down and I think going back to him didn’t help. On the second night he was asleep within 15 minutes so hopefully it will get less and less as the days go by.

I just can’t believe how time has flown! Christmas is three weeks away and once that is done I’ll be back at work. Emery will be with my mum though so at least I don’t need to worry about leaving him with a stranger. I hope they develope a close bond.


Foodie Edinburgh with a baby.


Edinburgh is awesome. My husband and I have traveled there several times pre-baby and there is no excuse for us not to go post-baby! The city is steeped in history, beautiful old buildings, and has a plethora of independent shops and restaurants (our fave). There are currently four festivals going on in the Scottish city so it will be very busy if you are planning to go in August but I assure you it will  be worth it.

We tend to stay in the same area so my knowledge is limited but thought I’d share a few recommendations with you. Parking can be a bit tough in Bruntsfield and Morningside but we’ve usually been lucky finding spaces. If not, then a short walk along the main street also gives you a nice chance to peer into the local shops (like French deli Karine’s or homewares Acanthus).

The Waiting Room pub – the best chicken burger I’ve ever had. It’s frequented by a fair amount of students but that shouldn’t bother you during the daytime.

La Favorita – you can have pizza delivered or collect on order. If you are planning to collect it, I would advise you to phone beforehand because the wait is pretty long at peak times. The pizza really is very good though! No room to sit in and definitely not enough room for a pram so best idea is to have it delivered to your lodgings.

Salt Cafe – came here not expecting much but the breakfasts we had were delicious. Some might say they are on the pricier end but it’s comparable for the area. Staff were friendly and there is more room at the back of the restaurant.

Montpeliers – this eatery can get very busy so book ahead. There are lots of tables and staff are very cheerful and helpful. This place probably has the biggest menu of all the restaurants on this post and some good coffee and juices to boot.

Honeycomb and Co – a pretty new place that is totally Instagram friendly (beautiful interior!). The salads are so fresh and colourful and the hot food is delicious. Little quirks like adding black pudding to shakshuka make this place a real gem and the staff were great with our baby.

Luca’s – only ever been here for the ice cream. Said to be the best in the city. So much so that they also sell in various outlets. As well as the regular cups or cones, you can also buy tubs to take home (or the hotel). They have a hot food menu but haven’t ever tried it. This is a nice place to stop for something sweet but there are stairs to encounter if you’re planning to sit in.

If you don’t have to steer a pram or have a child that can sit in a chair check out La Barantine (un cafe francais) for tasty pastries, soups, sandwiches, and desserts or Falko (ein deutscher kuchen) for lovely teas, freshly baked breads, and mouthwatering cakes. Both are pretty small and you may need to wait for a table.

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