Review – Superdrug My Little Star fragrance free wipes.

Brand: Superdrug

Pack size: 64

Price: 79p (1.23p per wipe/available as multibuy)

I love shopping at Superdrug because I can be safe in the knowledge that their own brand products are all cruelty free. Of course their baby range has the Leaping Bunny logo all over it, from wipes to shampoo, and baby oil to toothpaste.

The packaging on all their wipes is recyclable (in some areas) and there is a lid to keep the wipes moist, but this part is not recyclable.

Each wipe is rectangular in shape with a slightly embossed pattern, but does not feel bumpy to touch. The wipes are not very big but they are a decent size. The amount of moisture in the wipe is just right. They are not too wet and are adequate for poo-ey bums.

The packaging says the wipes can be used on newborn which means they are fine for sensitive skin. We didn’t have any problems with irritation or redness so thumbs up all around.

In conclusion these wipes are a great price and are a good cruelty free option. The wipes are nice to use and we found no skin issues. When there is an offer on you can get three packs for £2, which is a good deal for cruelty free wipes.

Have you ever tried Superdrug wipes? Do you use fragrance free wipes or prefer ones with a scent?


Review – Little Angels sensitive wipes.

Brand: Asda
Pack size: 64
Price: 64p (1p per wipe / also available in multipack)

Asda says they are against animal testing but unlike some other supermarkets, their products are not Leaping Bunny certified. After researching their animal testing policy I am satisfied with their cruelty free status (otherwise I would not buy or review these wipes!).

The packaging has the plastic lid which keeps all the wipes nice and moist. Note that this is not recyclable, nor are the wipes biodegradable. The wrap, however, may be recycled but checking your local facilities.

These wipes provide great value for money. Whilst they are not the thickest or biggest wipes on the market, I had absolutely no trouble with the size and there was sufficient moisture for messy poops. Each wipe has a slight embossing of a teddybear on it but it does not cause any roughness or irritation. They really do feel ‘cotton soft’.

It is stated that these wipes are suitable from 0 months and are also hypoallergenic. I did not find Emery sensitive to these wipes and there was no redness after using the wipes.

All in all these are a great pack of wipes to pick up at a low price. When purchased in bulk, they offer even better value for money. The size is a touch on the smaller side but perfectly adequate and the wetness is appropriate. I only wish these had Leaping Bunny logo on them!

Have you tried any of the Little Angels wipes? Would you give up your current wipes to test these out?

Review – Little Ones fragrance free baby wipes

Brand: Sainsbury’s Little Ones

Pack size: 64 wipes

Price: 60p per pack (0.01p per wipe) / multipack offers available

You may have previously read my other review of the fragranced version of the Sainsbury’s own brand wipes. In it I discussed how my baby had a bout of nappy rash when I tested them (could have just been a coincidence) and the store kindly swapped that half used pack of wipes for the fragrance free sensitive version.

Like the fragranced version these wipes are a good size and have a good amount of moisture in them. They also have that foamy texture that I’m not keen on but may not bother other people.

Packaging wise, each packet has the plastic lid to seal in moisture and to prevent the wipes from drying out. The wipes nor the packaging can be recycled. These wipes have the ‘Leaping Bunny’ logo on the back to state they are cruelty free.

Unfortunately, when we started using these wipes Emery began to have a bit of redness on his bottom, even though the wipes are marketed as sensitive and fragrance free. I didn’t want to let it get as bad as last time in case it was wipes causing irritation so I stopped using them.

It’s a shame that these wipes didn’t work well for Emery because they are a good price point and are a certified cruelty free product which are easy to get hold of (who doesn’t have a Sainsbury’s in their town?). I would suggest trying these for your baby and if they do not suit him or her then take them back to customer services. Sainsbury’s have a brilliant refund policy for their own brand goods.

Have you tried these wipes from Sainsbury’s? Did they work for you?

Review – Child’s Farm fragrance free biodegradable baby wipes.

You may have heard of Child’s Farm from social media. Earlier this year there was a Facebook post about a baby who had tried many prescription eczema creams to no avail but the mother tried moisturiser from Child’s Farm and the baby’s skin improved drastically.

Brand: Child’s Farm

Price: £2.50

Pack size: 64 (0.04p per wipe)

These wipes are a bit smaller than the ubiquitous Mamia wipes but they are adequately wet so you don’t need to use a lot when tackling a “code brown situation”.

The opening is a resealable plastic sticker which did not loosen at all during my testing period.

Although the packet states “fragrance free” (they also have a grapefruit scented version in an orange packet) the wipes did have a scent to me but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. In the end I decided I didn’t like the scent but others may find it pleasant. It wasn’t overpowering but I was aware of it. It didn’t seem to have any effect on the skin and no redness or sensitivity occurred.

The wipes themselves are biodegradable so you can feel good knowing that at some point they will disappear from the landfill. The packaging however is not and it is not recyclable either.

Overall these are great quality wipes but they do come with a premium price tag. However you can feel good knowing that the wipes are biodegradable. The only gripe I had was the scent. I may try the grapefruit ones and hope I can cope with those. I would definitely suggest trying these out because everyone reacts differently to scents.

Review – Waitrose essentials baby wipes.

Waitrose have two different price points for their wipes. This is the cheapest version of the fragrance free wipes. I’ll get the pricier version later and compare the two.

Brand: Waitrose essentials

Pack size: 80 wipes

Price: 63p (0.8p per wipe)

These fragrance free wipes feel like they are good for sensitive skin. We didn’t have any problems regarding rashes or irritation whilst using these.

The actual wipes are an okay size; small to medium (closer to medium). The wipe itself feels very thin. I imagine the more expensive own brand wipe might feel better quality. Even so, I had no problems using these wipes and there is enough moisture in each wipe to clean baby’s bottom thoroughly.

None of the packaging is recyclable. There is a piece of sticky plastic to open and close the packet. It did not come loose during our testing period. Waitrose own brand products are all certified with the “leaping bunny” logo which is great. They have a good range of baby washes, bottom soother, and massage oil.

Overall, despite the wipes feeling thin, they do a good job cleaning up any mess and did not cause any redness. However, at this price point you would be better off going for Mamia wipes.

Review – Loves baby ultra soft fragrance free wipes.

Brand: Tesco

Pack size: 64

Price: 60p (0.01p per wipe) / also available as multipack

I bought a pack of the sensitive wipes before I started this review series. Actually, I bought a case of twelve since it looked like a good deal. I did not repurchase these for the review and went off memory.

From what I recall the wipes were a decent size and were delicate enough for use on newborn skin. The packs have a plastic lid closure which is great for locking in moisture. This type of packaging however is not recyclable.

The unfortunate thing I remember most about these wipes is that they felt so dry! Halfway down the pack you might start to get wetter wipes but I did not enjoy using these to clean up drier poop. I felt like I needed to use way more wipes than necessary to clean up because they wouldn’t cling to anything. That is the main reason for not re purchasing. I gifted a few of these into a newborn baby pack before having used them and I felt the need to apologise to the mother as I didn’t realise they were so useless.

Tesco do not have the Cruelty Free International “leaping bunny” logo on their packaging but they do have a rabbit figure next to a statement that reads, “This product is not on animals. We fund research into alternatives.” This is also the case for all their toiletries and household products.

Although Tesco have done a great job with all their cruelty free products I’m afraid I cannot recommend these wipes. They are very well priced but I think you get better quality wipes from other supermarket own brands. Do check out their shower gels, toothpastes, detergents, and cleaning products though!

Have you tried Tesco baby wipes? Did you fare better than me?

Review – Nutmeg sensitive wipes.

Brand: Morrisons
Pack size: 64 wipes
Price: 56p (0.9p per wipe / multi buy available)

Apparently the formula for these wipes changed earlier this year and people aren’t liking the new ones but I haven’t used the previous version so I cannot comment on those.

The wipes are a tad on the small side but they aren’t inadequate. Just slightly smaller than I’m used to but there’s nothing to complain about. They are not the wettest wipes I have ever used but I’m satisfied with how they feel. One side is smooth and the opposite side has a sort of bumpy texture, but it isn’t irritating or obvious. I think it’s to help grip poo.

The pack has one of those plastic lids to prevent wipes from drying out. Sadly that sort of packaging is not recyclable. Morrisons own brand toiletries have the Cruelty Free International leaping bunny logo on them to confirm their cruelty free status.

I used these at the tail end of Emery’s nappy rash and it didn’t get any worse so I would agree with the sensitive claim.

It seems weird but I don’t really have anything enthusiastic to say about these wipes, nor do I want to slate them. For the price they are a decent wipe and they do their job.

Have you tried the Morrisons wipes? Are you one of the people who preferred the old formulation?